Academics at KPS

At Kearney Public Schools it is our mission to inspire and empower students to impact the world!  We do that through a well-rounded experience from birth to graduation!  We are proud of our student's success whether it is learning their colors or earning college credit before they graduate.

Home Visitation  Birth-36 Months
Bright Futures Home Visitation Program provides early childhood education services to children prenatal to three years of age and education services to their parents. The program assists children with early language development, social and emotional development, and equips parents with the skills and knowledge to successfully support their child's growth. The result is a strong foundation of learning for the child which will prepare him/her for success in school.

Toddler  18-36 Months
The Bright Futures Toddler program addresses the specific needs of children and families, providing an array of services including specialists who work with individual families to improve parent-child interactions. The program also hopes to better prepare the child to enter the K-12 school system and improve their chances for lifelong success.

Preschool  3 & 4-Year-Olds
At Bright Futures Preschool, we have an exciting, educational program with an energetic preschool environment to engage students in learning and encourage creativity. Our highly qualified teachers address each child's unique personality (physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and language) through meaningful, hands-on interaction. Bright Futures is a family-oriented preschool with resources to serve the entire family. 

Elementary School
KPS has 10 excellent elementary schools located throughout the city.  While each elementary school has its own unique personality, they all follow a specified curriculum that provides our students with a high-quality, consistent education.  Our curriculum is both challenging and engaging to provide students with a strong educational foundation.  Physical Education, Art, Music, Guidance, Library, Technology, and Recess are all emphasized for being critical to the overall development of the young child.  We focus on differentiated instruction to meet the needs of our student population and provide a respectful, responsible, and safe environment that promotes high levels of student engagement and performance.  The Kearney Community Learning Center, an after school program, is available for students and parents to support family and learning needs.

Horizon & Sunrise Middle Schools
Horizon and Sunrise Middle Schools are dedicated to providing students with a strong academic program emphasizing respect, responsibility, resourcefulness, and safety.  Along with the core subjects of mathematics, social studies, science, language and reading; our middle schools offer a variety of exploratory opportunities in fine arts, technology, industrial technology, family and consumer science, physical education, and extracurricular activities to enhance every student’s opportunity for success and fulfillment in life.  Our outstanding teachers understand middle-level students and make the middle grades a positive learning experience. 

Kearney High School
Kearney High School is a comprehensive high school that offers a robust curriculum to ALL students. As one of the first Nebraska schools to be recognized as an Outstanding Secondary School by the U.S. Department of Education, KHS consistently scores above the state and national averages on the ACT test. KHS is accredited through AdvancED and is also a member of the College Board. KHS is setting students up for success by contextualizing learning for each student. Students who graduate from Kearney High will be Respectful, Intentional, Supportive, and Engaged in all facets of their life.

KHS to Age 21
This program was established to serve the transition needs of young adults with developmental disabilities, ages 18-21. Students, according to their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) learn in a variety of community settings so that they can develop skills in realistic and on-the-job settings. Volunteer and leisure activities are also incorporated.  

Don't quit learning!  We hope that our students and their families will be lifelong learners and continue to read, explore the arts, and discover new and exciting things throughout life's journey.