Vision Mission Beliefs


The KPS Vision

Kearney Public Schools will provide a safe, supportive learning community that empowers students to become problem-solvers, engaged citizens, and compassionate people who own their future.


The KPS Mission

Inspire & empower students to impact the world!


KPS Beliefs

Public education benefits the entire community teaches positive citizenship, and is the shared responsibility of all.

Education addresses the whole child’s development – academic, social-emotional, personal health and well-being and prepares the student for life’s transitions.

Instruction addresses critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity in a global society.

Learning is an interactive process where all students learn to read, write, and think critically to the best of their ability.

High expectations promote higher achievement.

Education should be tailored to every student’s needs.

Every student should take ownership of their education.

Education inspires students and cultural appreciation.

Everyone is entitled to a safe, caring, and respectful learning environment.

Education guides the student’s understanding of ethical behavior and is reflected in their actions.


Sustainability Statement

Embodied within the mission of Kearney Public Schools is a dedication to help our students develop into good citizens that are responsible, contributing members of our society. And part of what defines a good citizen is one that uses resources in a wise and efficient manner, otherwise defined as using our resources in a sustainable way.

The actions we pursue are a collection of focused efforts to help meet our educational goals by wisely using our resources and concurrently demonstrating environmental stewardship to our students, staff, and community.

Kearney Public Schools seeks to serve as a good role model for our community and our students; our efforts to be resource efficient further solidify our stature as a community leader, as well as demonstrate the type of behaviors and commitment to environmental stewardship that will help students develop into responsible and contributing members of our community.