KPS Transportation In town transportation.

We will be accepting registrations from well behaved students for our pay-ride-system this school year 2022-2023. 
The cost is $150.00 per student. You can download a registration form here on this web page or come in to Transportation and fill out the form with payment. We can only accept Cash, Check or money order. 
If you want your student to be able to ride the first day of school we must have the registration form in our office by 
July 25th. 


Kearney Public Schools Transportation Services

Kearney Public School’s Transportation Department uses a hub and spoke process to get students to and from school. The process reduces the number of buses on the road while adding transportation services for many students previously not eligible to ride the bus. The hub system also supports school choice providing services from any existing bus stop or school to any school in the District. Within this process, there will be students who are eligible for free transportation services and others qualifying under our pay-to-ride program. (See details below)

KPS only uses front door pickup for special needs students qualifying for transportation. Regular education students will have designated neighborhood bus stop locations.


Students Eligible for Free Transportation:
1. Living in the attendance boundary of their school and over 4 miles from that school.                                                                                                                                       (Must attend that home school)
2. District Placement Students: Students assigned to attend a school other than their home school.


Students Eligible for Pay-to-Ride Transportation:
In town students:
May meet the bus at their neighborhood school and ride to the school they are attending.

Rural students:

Attending a school other than their home school or living within 4 miles of their home school.
Students must meet the bus at an existing stop or school.
Buses will not travel outside existing routes to provide Pay-to-Ride services.


Eligibility for In Town & Rural Students:
Will depend on there being room on the bus for additional students up to 90% of rated capacity. Date Transportation Department receives completed Registration Form with Payment (Must be completed annually)
ID Card will be issued to accepted students and must be shown when boarding the bus.



1011 West 20th Street
(308) 698-8261

Transportation Director

Jason Sutton
[email protected]

Operations Coordinator
Dorene Sandstrom 
[email protected]


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$150.00 per school year/pro-rated based on month student begins to ride.

$15.00 Lost Smart tag replacement fee.

Pro-rated refunds will be given after the ID card has been returned provided the student moves to a location that makes it unreasonable for them to continue using the service or if the student loses their seat to a student qualifying for free transportation services.


Students are allowed only one pickup and one drop off point.