Volunteer Opportunities


Would you have time to help build the future? When you volunteer at Kearney Public Schools, you are helping to build the futures of many students who will benefit from your time and caring. Your efforts will make all of the difference. There are so many things you can do in our schools. The listing below indicates just some of the ways you can serve as a volunteer.

You can choose to be a volunteer at every level. The 10 elementary schools serve kindergarten through grade 5. The two middle schools serve grades 6 through grade 8 and the high school serves grades 9 through 12.

Perhaps you would like to volunteer but not in the classroom. We have many opportunities to serve in our libraries and offices. In order to determine what the best volunteer task is for you, please call or email the Director of Human Resources, and we will visit about your interest in volunteering.

To begin your service as a Volunteer, please complete and submit the Volunteer Application. You may want to visit with a teacher you know or the Principal in your neighborhood school to find out what you can do to be of service to the school.

Your interest in volunteering is greatly appreciated. If you are ready to make a difference for the future and to make some great friends in the present, please VOLUNTEER at KPS!
Thank you,

Human Resources


To volunteer, please print and complete the application below.  Please submit your completed application to the school at which you would like to volunteer.

-Click here for Elementary Volunteer Application

-Click here for Middle School and High School Volunteer Application

-Click here for Pre-School Volunteer Application

-Click Here to View Volunteer Handbook



Junior Achievement takes place in our elementary, middle schools, and Kearney High School.  Junior Achievement teaches young students about money and financial responsibility. In 2019,  ten KPS schools received the JA Super School Award for their commitment to the future financial success of students by including the JA curriculum and a JA business volunteer in every classroom.  JA Super Schools include Bryant,  Buffalo Hills,  Central, Emerson, Glenwood, Kenwood, Meadowlark, Northeast, Park, and Windy Hills. More than 100 local business volunteers participate in our JA programming which reaches nearly 3,500 students annually.
By volunteering for JA through your organization, you can be in the classroom during work hours and you can share your experience and inspire young people to pursue their dreams.

— OR —

Not affiliated with a corporation partnered with JA? You can volunteer in your community directly with JA of Kearney!

Available Volunteer Opportunities:

1. Help individual students by listening to them read, practice spelling words and math facts.

2. Read stories to students. Practice reading with student groups such as Reader's Theatre. Become a specialized presenter of Children's Literature. The specialization can focus on the Golden Sower books, the Caldecott Award Books or the Newbery Award books. Middle School students would benefit from having someone read to them to encourage interest in reading. A volunteer with an interest in adolescent literature would be very helpful.

3. Make copies for teachers, tear out and organize workbook pages, handout and collect work, assist in general classroom organization and management.

4. Help students to transition from one activity to another. Assist primary students with winter coats, boots and mittens.

5. Teach students new skills such as chess.

6. Help student with special projects for Social Studies or Science

7. Read student writing and talk with them about their work to encourage them to revise their writing and make improvements.

8. Assist the student in research on the internet to prepare reports and projects.

9. Assist music teachers during the rehearsals for music programs or daily music class.

10. Serve as a helper for a student with special needs.

11. At the High School level, set up the labs for Science classes. Serve as a Math tutor.

12. Serve as a project guide in the Media Center for advanced project research.