English Learners

About the Program

Kearney Public Schools is proud of its diverse student population and is committed to the goal of meeting the needs of EL students at all grade levels.  EL services are provided to assist students with limited English skills to function in the regular English-speaking classroom, to develop proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in English, and to develop knowledge about the customs and culture of the school, community, and nation. 

EL services are provided district-wide.  A home language survey must be administered to determine if a student is a potential English Learner (EL) student.  If the responses indicate that the student speaks a language other than English, then a language proficiency assessment must be administered to determine if the student qualifies as an EL student.

These students and their families bring a rich culture to our schools.  KPS has students from over 38 different countries.



What is the EL program?
English learners (EL) is a program designated for students who are not fluent in the English language and/or are in the process of developing their English language skills. These students are identified as having limited English proficiency (LEP) and require additional assistance within the school to help them attain a higher level of English proficiency and academic success. The English Learners program at Kearney Public schools provide students the opportunity to become proficient in the English language as well as learning academic skills

How are EL students identified?
During the registration process parents complete a home language survey and answer questions regarding languages that the student has learned and spoken at home. If a language other than English is primarily spoken at home the student takes an EL placement test. This test determines if the student is proficient in the English language or if they require additional EL services.

What services are provided?
Services provided to EL students depend on the student’s individual level of English proficiency. These services also vary from elementary to secondary. Services can range from direct instruction (classes with an EL teacher), para support within the classroom or EL classroom, to consultation.

EL Schools
The following schools have a direct EL program:

Elementary: Bryant, Central, and Northeast
Middle School: Horizon
Kearney High School
All other schools may have English Learners but these students are on consultation with an assigned EL teacher.

State requirements
All active EL students are required by the state to take a yearly assessment to determine their level of English proficiency the English language proficiency assessment for the 21st century (ELPA21) assess the students on the four domains of the English language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. In order for a student to exit the EL program, they must show proficiency in all four domains as measured on the ELPA21. Once they have exited the EL program they are monitored by an EL teacher for an additional 4 years. After the 4-year monitoring process a student is designated as English fluent and no longer requires EL assistance.

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