Staff Absence Reporting/Sub Placement System Training

Kearney Public Schools Absence Reporting/Substitute Placement System is called Absence Management. 

The Absence Management System is the system KPS uses to record/track absences and to secure substitutes for all certified staff.

  • Absence Management runs 24 hrs. day/7 days week - Record your absences as soon as possible.

  • Tools of the Absence Management System are online and the phone system. The Absence Management System is an automated absence reporting and calling system. It is important that all certified employees report their absences whether a substitute is needed or not.

  • The phone system and the internet system work in conjunction with each other. If a teacher enters an absence via the web the substitute can pick it up either on the web or the phone and vice versa if the job is enter via the phone.

  • System Access  
    • KPS Online Address for the Absence Management system  
      • To access Absence Management system
        •  Make sure you are using the sso login
        • Enter your KPS Email and Email Password
        • Click the Sign in button
        • Phone Number 1-800-942-3767