Superintendent Letter

LetterheadKPS Parents/Guardians of 6-12 Students,


From time to time, everyone experiences situations that affect their general well-being. Kearney Public Schools recognizes this and, as a result, has introduced a new Student Assistance Program to help all students be more successful at meeting their responsibilities at home and school.


Through the Student Assistance Program, which is available effective 01-01-2023, access to coaching/counseling on various topics will be available to your 6-12 grade child. You can launch services by phone and access information via a mobile app or by using the program website. 


 The key benefits include the following:

  • No cost to the student. The service is paid for by Kearney Public Schools.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. At any time of the day or night, weekends, and over holidays, you will be able to speak with one of our professionals.
  • You have access to coaching sessions in whichever modality you prefer (virtual or telephonic).
  • Confidential. Although Kearney Public Schools will receive utilization statistics on the number of people using the service, no personal, identifying information will be disclosed. No one at Kearney Public Schools will know that you have called unless you choose to disclose this.
  • Independent, impartial source of support. Your Student Assistance Program is completely independent and does not represent any organization, including Kearney Public Schools.

The Student Assistance Program can support a wide range of school and personal issues. Some examples include:

  • Test Anxiety
  • Managing stress
  • Grief/loss
  • Dealing with academic performance
  • Improving esteem and confidence

We hope that you will find the Student Assistance Program to be helpful.


Yours sincerely,
Jason Mundorf, KPS Superintendent