Student Assistance Program & TextCoach

Free - Confidential - 24/7/365   
FOR EMERGENCY HELP, DIAL 911  Our Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a voluntary, short-term, bridge counseling service offered free to students in grades 6-12 for help with personal, family, or school-related concerns. We highly encourage you to seek the help of your school counselor or community counselor during the day. Need help at night or on the weekend?  The SAP is available 24/7/365. For help, dial: 1-888-387-1540.


TextCoach is also available for non-pressing issues that may need common sense counseling. This is a text-based app that allows you to text with a life coach or counselor.  For more on TextCoach, click here.

Below are three consent forms that need to be signed by parents and returned to the school secretary.
  1. The KPS consent form is for your child's school.
  2. The HMSA consent form is for the telephone helpline.
  3. The TextCoach consent form is for the text feature.
To contact a counselor or life coach, dial
- If you are in crisis, TELL THEM.  You will get help quickly from a licensed therapist on the phone.
-If you are not in a crisis, you can schedule a session.  You will need a signed consent form to hold that session.

On the website, you can register your account, schedule a counseling appointment, and connect with TextCoach.
tEXTcOACH APP QR CODEDownload the app from the QR Code to access a text coach.
Textcoach® is like having a ‘Coach’ in your pocket to help you stay emotionally fit and healthy. Designed to address issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression– or to proactively build resiliency and enhance coping skills– Textcoach® allows you to work with a licensed counselor from your mobile or desktop device. Start exchanging texts today by downloading the mobile app or visiting the Textcoach® website at
Watch the NTV news story:
photo of kid on cell phone
Why do parents need to sign a permission slip if this is private?
  • Parents must sign a permission form for minor students to access a counselor or life coach, but your conversations are private.   
  • The permission form informs parents about the program and shares the confidentiality policies.
What if I am already seeing a counselor?
  • The SAP is not intended to replace your current counseling services. 
  • You can still access the program for life coaching.
Does this take the place of my school counselor or community counselor?
  • No. Counselors are vital to our students.  Please continue to see your counselor, but know that you can also access the SAP for other issues or questions you may have or for a life coach.
Who are the counselors and life coaches?
  • The program will match you with a counselor or life coach based on your specific needs.
  • The counselors and life coaches do not work for Kearney Public Schools.
What problems can I get help with from the Student Assistance Program?
  • The counselors and life coaches are trained to help you with any problem, big or small: breakups, testing anxiety,  friendships, parents, grief, etc...
What grade do I have to be in to use the Student Assistance Program?
  • Any KPS student in grades: 6-7-8-9-10-11-12 can use the program with signed consent from your parent.
When is can I use the Student Assistance Program?
  • 24/7/365