Stay Connected to Your Schools

If you are looking for information about KPS, please call or email. The Communications Department is responsible for press releases and press requests, brochures, automated phone messaging service, the website, mobile apps, and more.


Tori Stofferson
Communications Director

  Phone: 308-698-8028
  Email: [email protected] 
Have a story idea about Kearney Public Schools? Want to set up an interview? Here are some tips to
 get what you need as easily as possible.

  •  If you want to visit a school for a story, please contact the KPS Communications Office first to schedule the interview. We will do our best to get you the best person for the interview as quickly as possible.

  • Please do not go to a school without first checking with the KPS Communications Office and expect an interview with staff and students. Our staff is responsible for the safety and privacy of our students and they take that responsibility seriously. They will direct you to the KPS Communication Office.

  • If you leave a message or email us about a story, please include the topic of the story, and when you would like to do your interviews. We will try to work within your deadline.

  • Kearney Public Schools generally does not comment on national education stories, stories that have taken place in other school districts, or proposed legislation and how it may or may not impact our district. The legislative process is fluid and bills often change before they are signed into law.

  • If you are taking video or pictures of students, please remember not to show faces unless approved by KPS
    Communications or building administration. We want to ensure that the proper media releases are on file.

We look forward to helping you get the best story possible!