Clarification on School Dances

Clarification on School Dances image

Sunrise MS and Horizon MS wanted to share some information with you about school sponsored dances.  HMS and SMS sponsor two school dances each year. We normally have one in August to start the year off and one in April or May to end the year.  We often utilize parent volunteers and staff members to make this a success. During the school year we are often approached by students asking us is there is a school dance this weekend.  More than likely there might be a dance that is being held at the school but is NOT a school sponsored dance.  It is normally used as a fundraiser for outside organizations.  HMS or SMS are not involved in organizing these events or supervising these events.  The reason we are sending this information out is to clear up any questions or confusion surrounding these dances. We will communicate with you and your child if we are having a school sponsored dance.