8th Grade Spanish I/French I

8th Grade Spanish I/French I image

Dear Parent/Guardian -

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the Spanish I/French I elective class offered to 8th graders.  Spanish I/French I is a full year academic class that would count toward the two year entrance requirement for a 4-year college.  It is important to note that no language requirement is needed to graduate from high school.  The Spanish I/French I curriculum is the same at the middle schools and the high school.  Please note that no high school credit can be earned in middle school. Students may need a higher level of academic maturity in order to be successful in Spanish I/French I.  Therefore, it may be beneficial for some students to take their World language courses at the high school to increase the opportunity for success.

Students will learn basic knowledge of the language through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. An integrated, hands-on curriculum is used to introduce vocabulary and sentence structure necessary in building beginning conversational skills. The course also emphasizes the study of Hispanic countries/French countries, customs and cultures.

Suggested prerequisites and skills for success:

C or better in 7th grade Introduction class
C or better in English and Reading courses
Memorize and retain a large amount of vocabulary
Comprehend many grammar concepts  
Complete several homework assignments per week
Limited attendance issues
Responsible work ethic
Proficient time management

If you have further questions regarding registration for eighth grade Spanish I/French I please contact the World Language department at your child’s school.