Programs of Study

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Students who participate in the Human Sciences & Education Small Learning Community can explore the following programs of study.  To complete a program of study, students must complete the scope and sequence of courses associated with that program of study.  Students preparing for a career in the Human Services Career Cluster have a variety of postsecondary options. They can enter programs leading to a certificate or a degree at the associate, baccalaureate, or advanced degree level.


Child, Youth and Family Studies
Students are learning to help the homeless, housebound, and infirm cope with circumstances of daily living; counsel troubled and emotionally disturbed individuals; train or retrain the unemployed or underemployed; care for the elderly and the physically and mentally disabled; help the needy obtain financial assistance; and solicit contributions for various social services organizations.

Consumer Services
Students are preparing for careers that assist individuals with decisions and problems relating to finance, real estate, insurance, and consumer goods.

Counseling & Mental Health
Students are preparing for careers that assist people with personal, family, education, mental health, and career decisions and problems. Mental health care may be provided in hospitals, clinics, schools, or private settings.

Students are learning and preparing for careers in the clothing, fashion, or interior design industries as well as learning about Entrepreneurship.

Education and Training
Students are preparing for careers in providing, supporting, and managing the education and training of millions of learners. It encompasses ages from preschool through adults; varies from informal to formal settings; and provides for the skills necessary for initial entrance as well as updating skills to advance within the job or train for a different one.

Early Childhood Education
Students are learning to nurture and teach children. They provide services in childcare centers, nursery schools, preschools, public schools, private households, family childcare homes, and before- and after-school programs.