KHS Publications

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Below are links to various publications created by Kearney High School. Should you need a hard copy of any of these documents, please contact the Kearney High School Main Office.

To purchase a yearbook click the link below:

 KHS Course Description Guide

This guide outlines the variety of course offerings that are available to students at Kearney High School as well as the Small Learning Communities that are available to students.

KHS Student Handbook

This handbook is intended to be used by students, parents, and staff as a guide to rules, regulations, and general information about Kearney High School and the Kearney Public Schools. Although the information found in this handbook is detailed and to the point, it is not intended to be all encompassing or to cover every situation that may arise during the school day or year. The administration reserves the right to make decisions or rule revisions at any time that reflect the well-being of all students that may or may not be covered in this document or of which may be impacted by the enactment of a new state or federal law. Should a situation arise that is not specifically covered in this handbook, the administration will make a decision based on school law, public law, and the common good of the students and staff of Kearney High School.

KHS Bell Schedules

Kearney High School operates on a 5x4 block schedule. There may be times that bell schedules will need to be adjusted. Use this link to see the variations in bell schedules.

 KHS BiG Board announcements

 This is a link to the daily announcements that run on the BIG Board in the KHS Cafeteria.