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ACCUPLACER - a standardized test consisting of three achievement areas: English, Reading, Mathematics. This test is given by community colleges for placement purposes. Students that enroll in a dual credit class for their junior or senior year should take this test their sophomore year. The ACCUPLACER is administered at Central Community College.

ACT - The ACT is the state standardized test for all Juniors. This test also fulfills the college entrance requirements for most Mid-western colleges and for scholarship consideration. This test is administered at KHS six times throughout the school year. 

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ASVABa standardized test offered by the military which measures aptitudes on various areas in the work world, but particularly in service oriented occupations. This test is optional and any student interested in joining a branch of the military will take this test. Information about taking the ASVAB for military applicants is available at the official ASVAB testing site.

PSAT - the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) is a preliminary version of the SAT test, and it is also the test which qualifies students as National Merit Scholarship semi-finalists. The PSAT is available on only one date per year as arranged by the sponsoring test company. It is offered to Juniors as well as Sophomores who want the test practice as they plan ahead for scholarship qualifying assessment in their junior and senior years.  This year's PSAT features verbal questions in two sections, math questions in two sections, and writing skills questions in a fifth section.  The testing time is two hours and ten minutes.  Taking the PSAT as a junior gives helpful feedback regarding test performance and understanding the test format as students look toward the SAT test.

SATa standardized test for fulfilling college entrance requirements for most East/West colleges and for scholarship consideration.  Seniors who are planning to attend an out of state college requiring the SAT are encouraged to take this test. For additional SAT test information, click here