KPS Overdue and Lost or Damaged Materials Policy

KPS Overdue and Lost or Damaged Materials Policy image

1. When items are not returned by the due date, they are placed on an overdue list, and students are notified at least weekly through their classroom teachers.

2. The School Librarian may contact a student's parents or guardians and/or restrict a student's library privileges when the student continually has overdue items, or has items overdue for an excessive length of time.

3. If a student reports an item lost, parents or guardians will be notified. The original purchase price is charged for books and $2.00 is charged for a periodical.

4. If the item is returned prior to the end of school, the money will be refunded.

5. If a student damages an item, a charge for repair, rebinding, or replacement may be made at the discretion of the School Librarian.

6. Each building will institute their own policies to ensure that this policy is administered fairly and efficiently.