Wildcats at Work

Calling all former Windy Hills Wildcats...

We want to highlight YOU at Windy Hills. We are educating our students about the wide variety of careers available and want to demonstrate our "Wildcats at Work" with alumni photos on a big screen TV in the cafeteria and on our website. Please click the link to add your information!


We hope you will help us inspire all future Wildcats to become successful nurses, engineers, technology specialists, surgeons, manufacturers, plumbers, contractors, architects, pilots, agronomists, veterinarians, animators, writers, archeologists, artists, assessors, astronomers, athletes, auctioneers, auditors, electricians, biologists, beekeepers, cheesemakers, choreographers, metal founder, crop specialists, dietitians, dentists, dancers, dispatchers, directors, editors, ecologists, employment agents, fashion designers, firefighters, flight engineers, fish wardens, forestry workers, geologists, graphic designers, HVAC specialists, historians, image consultants, insurance underwriters, jewellery makers, judge, landscapers, lecturers, librarians, managers, mechanics, meteorologist, museums curators, musicians, nutritionist, orthopedic technicians, paramedics, personnel officer, photographers, police officers, press writers, radio personalities, safety engineers, ship captains, shop owner, social workers, textiles printers, welders, and more!!!

Once a Wildcat…Always a Wildcat!