Park Daily Schedule & Procedures

Park Daily Schedule & Procedures image

7:45 a.m.  Doors open for outdoor supervision for students not in breakfast

8:00 a.m.  Students are dismissed from playground to classrooms

8:05 a.m.  School begins/Tardy bell rings

11:10-11:30 a.m. Kindergarten Lunch

11:20-11:40 a.m. First Grade Lunch

11:30-11:50 p.m. Second Grade Lunch

11:50-12:10 p.m. Third Grade Lunch

11:40-12:00 p.m.  Fourth Grade Lunch

12:00-12:20 p.m.  Fifth Grade Lunch

3:20 p.m. Dismissal for Kindergarten

3:25 p.m Dismissal for 1st-5th Grades

Morning Procedures

All students enter the building at the main entrance.  All other doors are locked and are only to be opened by staff members with their own keys.  Please make sure your child arrives at school before 8:00 a.m.  This helps your child as well as the teacher when trying to get the day started in an organized manner.  Students enter the building through the main entrance on the West side of Park; doors open at 7:45 a.m..  

After School Procedures

Please notify your child's teacher of whether your child will walk home or be picked up. (and if picked up, by whom and on which side of building).  Some students exit the East doors and will be supervised there until 3:40; if not picked up by then they will be asked to go to the main entrance to wait for their ride.  KPS buses and daycare buses pick up in front of the school.  

Harmon Park is not safe for students to go to wait for a ride.

Students are not allowed to go to Harmon Park from Park School following their school day.  This rule has been in place since 1952 because of our unique location in a public park.

Traffic in and around Park

We have challenging traffic patterns.  For that reason, Park staff and UNK students are asked to park down side streets and up the street toward Harmon Pool.  We ask that parents do the same if they need to enter the building for any reason during drop-off and dismissal.  If a parent comes to school during the school day, they are welcomed to park in front of school.  Also, the circle drive is closed.  If your child(ren) is/are not waiting for your when you pull up, we will ask you to pull around and park.  In front of the school, we ask parents to pull up as far as they can to allow several cars to pull to the curb and allow their students out of the vehicle.  Adults, please model safe street crossing by utilizing the cross-walks around the school and by following the directions of our student-led Safety Patrol.

For Safety and Security Reasons, Park is a single-entry school.  All visitors must be admitted through the front doors by office staff.  If we do not know a visitor, we will ask the visitor to identify themselves and their purpose for coming to school.  It is helpful if a child's relative will be joining us for lunch, if the parent would notify the school in advance.  Also, if your child's pick-up plan has changed, we like to know that in advance as well; Mrs. Stocker notifies the staff who are supervising pick-up.