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Northeast Elementary

Northeast Elementary is located at 910 E. 34th Street in Kearney. We have three sections of each class, grades K-5. Northeast Elementary is a Title I school with approximately 395 students. Northeast has an outstanding Outdoor Learning Center that is maintained by students and parents at Northeast. Students at Northeast are "Caught" being Safe, Respectful, and Responsible through a system of Positive Behavior Supports. These programs benefit both the students and staff at Northeast Elementary. We also have an after school program called Kearney Community Learning Center available for students and parents to support family and learning needs. Our faculty and staff are dedicated and committed and work toward the goal of ensuring the success of all children who attend our school.

Title plans, information, school-wide improvement plans are available in the school office.


Catherine Gundersen is the principal at Northeast Elementary and has been there since 2009. You may contact her by calling the school office at 308-698-8230 or by emailing her at catgundersen@kearneycats.com.