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Make a Pumpkin


Kids Wordsmyth

Gingerbread Baby House

More Shapes

Bubble Mouse Practice
Build a Car


Build a House


1st Grade

Starfall Grow a Flower Bowling Math
Build a Snowman Highlights Gingerbread House Internet 4 Classrooms
Tangrams Find Earth Materials
Little Animal Stories Subtraction Machine Digby Mole
I Can Rhyme Tumbletown Bound Halloween
Parts of a book  Mousercise Bubble Pop 
   EyeDiscover link

Make a Valentine



2nd Grade

 Free Rice
  The Wall Multiplication
Multiplication.com ABCYA Paint
Internet Survey Kids Weather Report
Theme Poems Alphabetical Order 1
National Geographic Videos  Mousercise 
Dance Mat Typing  Names


3rd Grade

Power Proofreading
 Carve a Pumpkin
 Mrs. Wright's Page  


4th Grade

 Number Cruncher
 Cup Stacking Keyboarding Game  Mystery Animal game with Google


5th Grade

  Zoom Explorers
Kidzone Sharks  
Internet 4 Classrooms
White House
Presidental Factfile Kahoot
Citation Maker Common Sense Media Digital Passport
Big Huge Labs Fun Brain 


Order in the library ABCya!  Math Playground