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 The Glenwood Community Organization (GCO) is the parent-teacher support organization for Glenwood Elementary. The GCO sponsors a number of events, activities and fundraisers to benefit the students, staff and teachers at Glenwood Elementary. We would like to invite all parents to be involved in GCO; your involvement is a vital part of our efforts to provide extracurricular opportunities and raise money for a range of school improvements and classroom needs. You may use the link provided below.

GCO meetings for the 2019-2020 year will be held on:
September 9th, November 11th, January 13th, March 9th, April 6th & May 11th
All meetings are conducted at Glenwood Elementary beginning at 7:00 pm and typically last an hour. Parents of Glenwood students are invited and encouraged to attend. GCO Officers for 2019-2020 are: Jason Downing -Chair, Krisa Howland –Treasurer Jamie Banzhaf -Secretary . If you have questions, concerns, or ideas please feel free to contact the 2019-2020 officers.


There are countless opportunities for you to volunteer in GCO-sponsored initiatives. We welcome your active involvement in your child's education while at Glenwood Elementary. Listed below are activities that will be sponsored by GCO.
 Running Club – Coordinate extracurricular activities to promote healthy choices and an active lifestyle.
2019-2020 Chair: Katie McGowen
 T-Shirt Sales – Design, coordinate and sell Glenwood Elementary t-shirts; new t-shirts are designed each year to highlight our Gladiator pride. 2019-2020 Chair: Jason Downing
 Fall Festival – Coordinate and implement the Fall Festival; Fall Festival is our family fun event in which Glenwood families can enjoy a meal, games and friendship with others from our school.
2019-2020 Co-Chair: Sydnee Tidwell & Jason Downing
 Healthy Snack Sale - Responsible for coordinating the sales table at the healthy snack sale on the designated class day. 2019-2020 Chair: Theresa Sweet
 Behavior Rewards Celebration – Assist with a special celebration activity each quarter to reward students who have demonstrated outstanding behavior. 2019-2020 Chair: Krisa Howland
 Parent-Teacher Conference Meals – Coordinate and provide meals for the teachers and staff at both fall and spring conferences. 2019-2020 Chair: Stefani Wegner
 Box Top Rewards coordinator –Collect, count and submit Box Tops for rewards. Money earned will go towards GCO activities. 2019-2020 Chair: Jennifer Koch
 Outdoor Classroom – Oversee and maintain the Outdoor Classroom; the outdoor classroom is our Glenwood garden and serves as one of the features of the KPS 1st grade annual event.
2019-2020 Co-Chair: Bryce & Erin Abbey
 Staff & Teacher Appreciation – Coordinate staff & teacher appreciation activities; is it chance to thank Glenwood teachers and staff for all that they do for our children. 2019-2020 Chair: Jolene Karjalainen
Spring Fundraiser – Coordinate the annual spring fundraising event designed to provide an evening of fun and entertainment for Glenwood families. 2019-2020 Chair: volunteer needed 
 5th Grade Appreciation – Coordinate 5th grade appreciate activities and provide a gift for 5th graders as they leave Glenwood Elementary to go to middle school. 2019-2020 Chair: Jolene Karjalainen
Field Day – Coordinate and oversee the annual spring field day; field day is generally held one of the last days of school as a fun day for all the kids at Glenwood. 2019-2020 Chair: Erin Swarm
If you are interested in participating in a committee, please contact the committee chair, a GCO officer, or the school office. Thank you in advance for your donation of time, talents, and resources for the students & staff at Glenwood.



Glenwood Community Organization (GCO)

Meeting Minutes

April 4, 2019

 Attendees: Jason Downing, Tom Jochum, Whitney Shapley, Jenni Nielson, Erin Swarm, Jeff Ganz, Jamie Banzhaf, Theresa Sweet, Jill Hadwiger, Tracy Schall

Meeting was called to order at 7:05pm.

Approval of Minutes

After review, MSC to approve the November 12, 2018 minutes.

 Treasurer Report

After a review, MSC to approve the treasurer report.


 Old Business

  •  New Benches Outside of School
  •  Staff feels they are being used well. 
  •  Would like to have an announcement placed in the Gladiator Glance to let Glenwood families know that GCO provided the benches.
  •  American Education Week (Nov 12-16)
  • Went well – had Guest speakers.

 Parent Teacher Conference Meals

Thanks to Melissa Henning for chairing this project.  Staff was very appreciative.

 Staff Appreciation

Thanks to Jolene Karjalainen for chairing this project.  Staff was very appreciative. 


New Business

Spring Dinner/Fundraiser

  • Pulled pork, hot dogs, chips, potato salad, baked beans, cookies
  • Looking to get some donations for the food – classes will help donate, some families may donate some of the food.
  • $5 per one trip plate, $2 for extra sandwich, $1 additional hot dog, $8 endless plate
  • Have some prizes donated or get some from Dollar Store
  • Bingo, musical chairs, candy bar walk, other outdoor games could be brought by families, gaga ball contest
  • $5 for wristbands to play the games that include prizes
  • Volunteers we Anticipate Needing:

4-5pm Set Up – 4

4:45-5:30pm – Admission – 3 and Serving Lines – 6

 5:30-6:15pm – Admission - 3 and Serving Lines – 6

 6:15 – 7pm – Admission – 2 and Serving Lines – 5

 6:45 – 7:30pm – Clean Up - 4

  •  30 minute shifts for the games (3-4 people helping per shifts)
  • Cotton Candy machine – Jason will talk to Mandy Thatcher – donating to the school
  • Need close to 50 volunteers.  Ask each family to attend, volunteer for a shift and do some sort of class donation.
  • Moves inside if weather concerns.

 Scholarship Applications Reviewed

MSC to select Tori Williamson as the GCO Scholarship Award Recipient


Kindergarten Round Up

  • May 2, 2019


 5th Grade Celebration

  •  May 15, 2019
  • Would like to do pizza, salad and cookie provided by GCO.
  • Jolene, Erin Abbey and Erin Swarm will help Jean Mandernack. 

 Field Day

  •  May 21 from 12:30-3ish
  • Mrs. Giddings will get helpers.  Seniors will come back to help.
  • GCO will provide water.

 Committee for 2019-2020

Send out a Sign Up Genius for Committees

  Request for Storage Funding

 Discussed the request from teachers as part of new science curriculum. 

MSC to pay for half of the remaining balance that comes out of Activities for cupboards $935.06


Principal Report

End of the Year Behavior Reward Celebration


Parent Updates/Questions/Concerns:

Meeting Adjourned

Motion made to adjourn. MSC



Next Meeting

September 9, 2019

 Respectfully submitted,

Jamie Banzhaf