Red Ribbon Day October 25th

Red Ribbon Day October 25th image

Red Ribbon Day

October 25th

Wear RED

 Our hope is that students use this as a learning opportunity.

 How Can You Keep Your Kids Drug-free?

    Take time to talk with your child (the more you know the better). Know where they are, what they are doing, and who they are with – ask questions and monitor their online activity.

    Get involved in your child’s life – establish family time and be consistent with it. Get to know their friends and their friends’ family.

    Set rules and expectations for your children around using alcohol, tobacco, and drugs and ensure they understand the consequences to these actions. Teach them how to say no to peer pressure – enforce these rules and consequences consistently.     Lead by example – Youth smoking and drinking is influenced through social norms. It is difficult for youth to resist these substances when they frequently see this type of behavior in adults.

To find out more about keeping your kids drug-free or to learn more about talking to your kids about alcohol, tobacco, and drugs please see the school counselor or school social worker. Also visit on-line resources such as Learn more about becoming involved in community wide substance abuse prevention efforts through the Buffalo County Community Partners (