Bright Futures Toddler Program

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18-36 MONTH



The Bright Futures Toddler program addresses the specific needs of children and families in the Kearney school district, providing an array of services and resources such as high-quality child care and specialists who work with individual families to improve parent-child interactions. The program also hopes to better prepare the child to later enter the K-12 school system and improve their chances for lifelong success.


Kearney Public Schools invites students from eligible families to apply for a Sixpence grant supported preschool program. The program runs from August to July.  Eligibility considerations include:

  • Low income status

  • Students who are English Language Learners

  • Students of Premature birth or Low birth weight

  • Students of Teen Parents

  • Other risk factors

  • Appropriate Age (must be 18 to 36 months on or before July 31st)

*Applicants must provide family income information and a copy of the certified birth certificate. Children must be up-to-date on immunizations.


Lindsie Lybarger

Krystal Reynolds

Adriana VanPelt


* The program runs Monday through Friday from 8:20am to 3pm
* The program serves primarily 18 to 36 month olds
* Transportation is the responsibility of the parents

Bright Futures Toddler Program Application

Registration forms must be submitted to the enrollment office:
310 West 24th Street (next to Central Elementary) 308-698-8029



Bright Futures Preschool
Kearney Eductation Center
1511 5th Avenue
Kearney, NE  68845