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Got a favorite athlete?  What are they endorsing?

Thanks to KPS employee Steve Capellan for the heads up on this video. I love football, and I admire athletes that exude character and integrity on and off the field. They are excellent role models for our kids. But I never really thought much about their endorsements from this standpoint...Check it out:  http://youtu.be/0fbiBfJf7HY


What are you really missing out on?

There's a new four-letter word driving our use of social media and screens. It's FOMO, the Fear Of Missing Out! But in your drive to find out what everybody else is doing, and by spending so much time on a screen, are you missing out on real life?  Check out this video, then shut off your screen for awhile--Dare ya!    http://www.quickmeme.com/news/?p=4888


Four schools total $13,000 FUTP60 awards!

A ROSE to Buffalo Hills, Central, Kenwood and Windy Hills Elementary. Their School Nurse collaborated with principals, parents and staff to win a total award of $13,000 from Fuel Up to Play 60 and the Midwest Dairy Council for healthier schools! Fuel Up to Play 60 is a grant program based on balancing nutrition and physical fitness efforts in our schools. They require that equal amounts of funding are used for each side of the fitness equation, and must be sustainable and equipment/durable goods-based.

Central Elementary will receive a new drop-side cooler for easy access to perishable, nutritious foods and money toward a new walk path around their school grounds. Buffalo Hills earned carts and insulated bags for serving healthy foods as well as new soccer goals. Kenwood earned a combination of coolers and carts, taste-testing foods and fitness equipment including volleyball, football and flag football gear. Windy Hills scored money toward a new walk/run path for their playground and a Grab 'n Go Anytime drop-side cooler.

These schools' efforts could be duplicated in upcoming years by other district schools—How about your school? All it takes is a willing champion (or group), some paperwork and a dose of creative thinking and motivation. Would you like to be the one to make it happen? Or would you be willing to volunteer in other ways for the health of our kids and community? 

Park wins the PATH Walk TROPHY with 44% participation!

Gold level (25% or greater participation): Park, Glenwood, Buffalo Hills,Windy Hills;
Silver level (15% or greater participation): Northeast, Meadowlark, Kenwood, Bryant;
Bronze level (10% or greater participation): Emerson, Horizon, Central and Sunrise.

Participants could walk or run the mile or 5K. We had nearly 2000 participants this year! After the run/walk, families could visit booths for activities from the YMCA, Kearney Parks and Rec, Kearney Elk's Country Club, Activate Buffalo County and more, as part of Healthy Kids Weekend!

Thanks to all those who turned out to get Physically Active Together for Health! And an especially big shout out goes to UNK and Sentinel Health! Also, warm pats on the back to the KPS employees and parents who helped out! For more pictures see the album to the right.