K+ Partnerships

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 What is a K+ Partner in Education?

K+ is our ‘Partners in Education’ program where businesses and schools work together to prepare students for the future. Our K+ Program is flexible by design to match the needs and interests of the business with those of the school.  Junior Achievement, an elementary banking program and internships are a few examples of ways local partner with Kearney Public Schools.   Businesses may select  a specific school or educational program to adopt.

An “ah ha” Education Moment

Remember those “ah ha” education moments, those special times in school when you participated in a special program, attended a field trip, heard a dynamic speaker, or received a special opportunity to use equipment not normally found in a classroom? These are the experiences that shape a student’s interests and propel them into discovering a future in banking, engineering, manufacturing, teaching, farming, theater, medicine, etc.  Our K+ Partners are vital in providing our students with that “ah ha” moment.

“By exposing students to workplace equipment and career expectations we are preparing our young adults to make the best possible decision in selecting a future career. “

- Darren Robinson, Buffalo County  Economic Development Corporation


K+ Partners Make a Difference

Whether our Partners are donating money, time or educational opportunities, they are making a difference in the lives and education of our students. From an elementary banking program to funding a concept like the Scott D. Morris Institute for Career & Technical Education, there is a need for partnerships at all levels. Each K+ Partner completes a partnership form that outlines the details of the agreement.

Partner opportunities are endless:

  • Bring students into your workplace for vital job shadowing and internship opportunities.
  • Invite a teacher to your workshops and training sessions to further his/her knowledge about your business and, in turn, educate our students.
  • Endow AP/Dual Credit tuition so students can obtain college credit or certifications while still in high school.
  • Sponsor group trips for middle/high school and field trips for elementary students to your business or to another destination.
  • Underwrite special projects that cannot be funded by the school district's budget like “Pioneer Days” at the Trails & Rails Museum or the Heavy Equipment Operating Class.
  • Provide “resources”  which may  include, speakers, employee helpers, incentives for students, special event programs, judges for contests, fundraising opportunities, or other resources.


K+ Partner Benefits

  • Shared knowledge about your business with students and the community.
  • Recognition on the school or district website.
  • Recognition in the school’s newsletter the month of signing up.
  • For KHS, recognition on the KHS interactive boards.
  • A well-educated and well-trained intern and possible future employee.
  • First-hand involvement with the education of our youth.
  • Promotion of your business and knowledge of your industry.


K+  Objectives

  • To establish a relationship between our partners and our schools to provide  expanded opportunities, resources, programs and expertise that will enhance student learning.
  • To provide our students with diverse opportunities beyond the classroom through business and industry partnerships.
  • To increase awareness of career options for students as they make decisions regarding future careers in our community.
  • To give students and teachers an enhanced understanding of businesses, organizations and industry in Kearney and beyond.
  • To provide needed  financial assistance for student opportunities that cannot be funded with limited tax dollars.
  • To give members of business, organizations and industry an  enhanced understanding of  education in the Kearney     Public Schools.

K+ Goals Benefit the Partner, the Schools and the Students

The goal of the K+ program, and our committed Partners in Education, is to enhance student success and learning through our business partnerships and community involvement. We believe that hands-on, real-life experiences greatly improve a student’s education and association with current business practices.  From Robotics, internships and CAT labs in high school, to speakers in the middle school and field trips in the elementary schools, Kearney businesses are helping educate our youth.

Our schools must prepare today’s students for their entry into a  diverse, competitive workforce of tomorrow.  When businesses take part in education, they help strengthen the workforce of the  future.  The K+ Partner program is vital in helping the community and the school system work and grow together.


Be a K+ Partner

We invite you to become a K+ Partner.  Engaging all sizes and types of businesses, agencies and organizations will help educate our students for the future.

With a commitment to enhance student learning, our K+ partners make a difference in the Kearney community.



Our K+ program is a way to connect your business with the educational needs of our students. Contact the district or the school of your choice to visit about developing a partnership.  Whether you are interested in creating a special program, supporting a current program or offering internships, your business will be at the forefront of offering a 21st Century education to our future leaders.   To establish your K+ Partnership with student internships, programs, donations or sponsorships, please contact us by calling 308-698-8028 or clicking here for an email inquiry.