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The KPS Green Schools Challenge (GSC) involves completing various activities over the course of the school year that promotes environmental responsibility. The challenges/activities focus on the education and engagement of staff, students and administration. A significant aspect of the GSC entails encouraging and providing ongoing opportunities for students to be actively involved.

The district makes resources available throughout the school year to help schools complete the activities. Recognition and incentives are built into the program.

The GSC runs from September - April. In May, awards and incentives will be announced.

Overview of Semester Themes and Activities 

The Green Schools Challenge focuses on one theme a semester and encourages schools to complete activities related to the theme. 

The activities are intended to engage administrators, staff, and students. Activities can be discussions in the classroom, after school activities, or hands-on projects. The district encourages schools to use the program's flexibility to complete activities that work best for their school. The Guidance documents provide activity suggestions and resources and a link to the post-activity feedback form.

The Fall Semester's theme is Energy and the Spring Semester's theme is Waste & Recycling

Click here for a description of this years' program and additional information about what is new this year.


Guidance Documents 

The Green Schools Initiative provides a guidance document that includes activity examples/suggestions and resources for each semester. However, schools are NOT required to complete the activities suggested. Schools are encouraged to complete activities that work best for their school. 

Fall Semester Energy Guidance Document                                                                                                                                          

Theme: Energy!  


Spring Semester Waste & Recycling Guidance Document

Theme: Waste & Recycling!

  • Sample Activites for staff, students, and administration


GSC Recognition & Incentive Levels:

Schools achieve these recognition & incentive levels by completing challenges/activities and earning participation points. The recognition & incentive levels consist of the following:

Level 1 (Green Performance) - Complete three activities. The school receives a framed certificate of recognition, $50 for Green Team Activities next year, and $100 for the principal's budget. 

Level 2 (Green Achievement) - Complete four to five activities. The school receives $150 for Green Team activities the following year, a small award banner, and $200 for the principal's budget. 

Level 3 (Green Excellence) - Complete six or more activities.  Receive $300 for Green Team activities the following year, a large award banner, and $400 for the principal's budget.  All schools that achieve Level 3 participation are placed into a raffle; the selected school receives $450 to spend on district-approved items. Approved items could entail smart power strips, vending machine energy misers, native landscaping/trees, rain barrels, native plants for classrooms, and indoor/outdoor recycling containers.    

Feedback Form & Tracking

To track how many activities are completed by each school, we ask that this feedback form is filled out and sent to To do this, go to the Google doc, download the document as a Word document, fill it out, and send it to You can also fill out this survey to record your completed activities. The last day to submit activities for the 2017–2018 school year is Monday, April 23rd. 

If you have any photos from your activity, please also send them to so they can be added to the website.

The district will email activity updates to KPS Green Team Champions and Principals each month. 


What is the purpose of the Green Schools Challenge?

The Green Schools Challenge is a program designed to engage schools in resource-responsible behaviors and activities through learning, communication, and behavior change. This program is also intended to help the District meet its sustainability goals

Is the Green Schools Challenge mandatory?  

No, the Green Schools Challenge is a completely voluntary program. However, this program is designed to help your school conserve resources and engage staff and students, which has numerous benefits.  

What can my school earn by participating in the Green Schools Challenge?

The Green Schools Challenge has three tiers of recognition and awards. To reach the highest tier, schools need to complete six activities a year. To earn credit, the feedback form needs to be filled out and sent to for completed activities. Participants may also fill out this survey to receive credit. 

Who participates in the Green Schools Challenge?

Anyone! Activities can be completed by principals, staff, or students. Many groups can be brought together to complete activities for the GSC. See the Fall Guidance Document and the Spring Guidance Document for example activities. 

How can I participate in the Green Schools Challenge?

You can participate in the Green Schools Challenge in a variety of ways. You can join your school's Green Team, complete an activity to earn your school participation points, or help another staff member complete an activity. 

Does the District provide resources to help my school complete activities?  

Yes, the Fall Guidance Document and the Spring Guidance Document provide resources to complete the example activities and overall resources that are helpful. Additionally, participants are offered a membership to the USGBC Learning Lab. If your school would like to use these resources, please contact for your school's membership.  

What activities do I need to complete to earn recognition and awards?

You need to complete activities that fall under that semester's theme (Fall= Energy, Spring= Waste & Recycling). You use example activities listed in the Guidance Documents or another activity that works well for school and is related to that semester's theme. Ideally, activities will engage school occupants in resource efficient behaviors or learning. If you have any questions about if an activity applies, please contact

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