District Library Program

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The mission of Kearney Public Schools District Media Services is to support the educational goals of the district. It also provides services to the the school library media program that facilitate the empowerment of the 21st Century learner with the ability to think critically and problem solve, along with accessing and processing information and ideas.

District Library/Media Services Office
and Heartland Classroom Resources 
Kearney Education Center
1511 5th Avenue

Judy A. Henning, Ed.D.; Director School Library/Media Program

Email  jhenning@kearneycats.com

Call    308-698-8083  

Kearney Public Schools Library Team


Kearney Public Schools Online Book Catalogs

District Media Office--Located at KEC@1511--5th Ave. (Old Kenwood Elementary)

Open 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Teachers need to call 308-698-8057 to gain entrance after 4 p.m.)

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