In accordance with the State of Nebraska,  Kearney Public Schools uses the “I Love You Guys” protocol as our standard Response Protocol (SRP) for emergencies.   This  helps regulate the vocabulary, meaning, and response to emergency procedures like Lockout, Lockdown, Evacuate and Shelter.

“It is important that we (staff, students, parents, law enforcement, and community) are all on the same page when it comes to our emergency responses,” states Dr. Kent Edwards, Superintendent. “This protocol will help everyone know what is expected should an emergency arise.”

The following vocabulary is the  KPS standard:

circle with handsLOCKOUT

Lockout is followed by the Directive: "Secure the Perimeter" and is the protocol used to safeguard students and staff within the building from a threat that is outside the school or in a close proximity. School goes on, but no one can leave or enter the school.


circle with padlock LOCKDOWN

Lockdown is followed by "Locks, Lights, Out of Sight" and is the protocol used to secure individual rooms and keep students quiet and in place from a threat that may be inside the building. No one can leave or enter the school. Teachers may use their discretion to escape the building.


Evacuate is always followed by a location, and is used to move students and staff from one location to a different location in or out of the building. A gas leak would be an example of Evacuate.


circle with shelter roofSHELTER

Shelter is always followed by a type and a method and is the protocol for group and self-protection. Threat of a tornado would be the most common example for Shelter.


Posters have been placed in all KPS classrooms for quick reference by staff and students.  CLICK HERE FOR POSTER

The “I Love You Guys” SRP is in place in thousands of schools around the country and is becoming the standard in school safety training. The foundation was started after Emily Keyes was shot and killed in Platte Canyon High School. During the incidents, Emily texted “I love you guys” to her parents which became the name of the foundation. For more information visit the I Love U Guys Foundation Website at http://iloveuguys.org.

“The safety of our schools is always our priority,” stated Edwards. “Our district is proactive with school resource officers, a threat assessment team, a crisis team, security audits, cameras, the See Something Send Something app, and more. We are constantly improving our methods in the hope that they are never needed.”

Visit kearneypublicschools.org for additional safety measures HERE