K-Card Advertising

Kearney Public Schools Foundation is getting ready for an all-new school year with a new name for our discount card sold by student groups of Kearney High School and Kearney Catholic!

You can take advantage of this annual marketing opportunity by purchasing an ad for our 2017-18 "K-Card."
•The cost of an inside placement ad is $200 for a single space and $300 for a double space. For a single space ad you will receive 100 K-Cards for your business and 150 for a double space ad.
New Opportunities! You can place your ad in a premium double space on the front of the K-Card for $500 or on the back for $250 for a single space and $400 for a double space. You will still receive 100 K-Cards for your business at the $250 level and 150 for the $400 and $500 levels.
•K-Cards may be sold for $5 each, allowing you to keep all proceeds. This will cover the cost of your ad and generate a profit depending on how many you sell!
•K-Cards will be are printed locally. 6,000 K-Cards will be given to KHS students sell, and 250 cards to KCHS students, at no cost or obligation.
•KHS and KCHS students sell the K-Cards at $5 feach to raise funds for various school clubs and activities. The school clubs keep 100% of their proceeds.