Employee Handbooks

Dear KPS Staff Member:
This Employee Handbooks are intended to provide you with information about your employment with Kearney Public Schools. Although the information in this handbook is detailed and specific on many topics, the handbook is not intended to be all encompassing so as to cover every situation and circumstance that may arise. It has been prepared as a guide and reference only. This handbook is not a contract, either expressed or implied.
This handbook was approved by the KPS Board of Education on March 14, 2016, and supersedes any previous handbook. This handbook will be in effect until replaced by a later edition. The administration is responsible for interpreting the rules contained in the handbook and shall have the right to make decisions and make revisions at any time. Should a situation arise that is not specifically covered in this handbook, the administration will make a decision based upon applicable school district policies, state and federal laws and regulations, and the best interests of the District.
This handbook is intended to supplement the following document that deals with your KPS employment: The Board of Education Policy Manual. This is a compilation of school district policies and administrative regulations as established by the Board of Education. You can access all the Board of Education policies on the KPS web site. Throughout this document there are references to district policies and policy regulations. Sometimes the section is composed of the entire policy or regulation and other sections contain only a portion of the policy or regulation. Many times a section contains actual policy language intermixed with day-to-day procedures.
In reading this handbook, please understand that where conflict exists, state or federal law and Board Policy supersede this handbook.
We hope this handbook will be helpful to you. Suggestions for improvement and additional information are always welcome.

Lance Fuller
Director of Human Resources