1st Grade Curriculum at a Glance


  1. Addition and Subtraction including beginning regrouping for large numbers.
  2. Place value
  3. Measurement (Time and Units of Measure)
  4. Plane and 3D Shapes
  5. Collecting and interpreting data
  6. Counting collections of coins
  7. Problem-solving 

English Language Arts

  1. Reading: Build fluent readers and demonstrate comprehension
  2. Writing: Print legibly with correct letter formation, and write about experiences, stories, people, and objects 
  3. Speaking: Construct sentences spoken in clear, complete thoughts using English
  4. Listening: Demonstrate active listening skills while following directions and showing respect 


  1. Animal Plants and Defenses
  2. Light and Sound
  3. The Spinning Earth

Social Studies

  1. National holidays
  2. Flag etiquette
  3. Communities -maps & communities helpers
  4. Rules & Laws
  5. Economics - wants & needs
  6. American symbols