Grant Process


Grant funds can allow a school district, building, or classroom to launch new programs and enhance current programs/projects.

Kearney Public Schools (KPS) encourages administrators, teachers, and staff to pursue grant opportunities to improve academic, behavior, art/music, nutrition, fitness, or professional development outcomes for KPS students, staff, and families.

To support these initiatives, KPS has developed a process to enable an orderly and effective grant pursuit, development, submission, and grant award management. KPS staff are highly encouraged to follow this process to ensure grant funds are used wisely and for the intended purpose. KPS reserves the right to return grant funds if it is not aware of the grant being submitted since it may not know who or what program, school, or classroom is to receive the funds. In addition, grant funds may impact state school financial assistance calculations which could impact district programs, schools, and classrooms.

The process, outlined below, should be followed. If there are any questions about the process, please contact the KPS Grant Writer/Coordinator, Mark Whitacre, at 698-8031 or via e-mail at

Thank you.