Hi!  My name is Michelle Bombeck and I have been teaching at Kearney High since August 2020!  I am an ELA / Oral Communications teacher.  This year I am teaching the following courses:
Oral Communications: Communication Arts, Public Speaking, Advanced Speech
English: English 3 (juniors) and English 4 (seniors). 
I earned my Language Arts Endorsement through the Transition to Teaching Program at UNK.  I obtained my undergraduate degree from UNL.  I am also the head coach for both the One-Act Play Production and Speech Team.
I have two incredible daughters, one is currently working towards her master's at Iowa State (go Cyclones!) and one is nearing completion of her program at Xenon Academy in Omaha. I enjoy gardening and carrying for my cats and chickens when I'm home. 
I'm very excited for this year and I hope you are too!   
My contact info is: 
(308) 698-8060  
Daily Class Schedule for 2024-2025: 
Block 1 - English 4 (Terms 1, 2) / English 3 (Terms 3, 4)
Block 2 - PLAN (Terms 1, 2, 3, 4) 
Block 3 - English 4 (Terms 1, 2) / English 3 (Terms 3, 4)
Block 4 - Advanced Speech (Terms 1, 2) / Communication Arts (Terms 3) / Public Speaking (Term 4) 
Block 5 - Communication Arts (Terms 1, 2) / English 3 (Terms 3, 4)
Parent Canvas Link (to access your student's courses): 
KHS Competitive Theatrics (One-Act and Speech) 
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