Mr. Wagner

Welcome to Kearney High School
Hi, William Wagner, I have been teaching freshmen science at Kearney High School for 4 years. I have been teaching for a total of eleven years, all in the field of science. I have been an assistant freshmen football coach as well at Kearney for going on 4 years. 
I will be utilizing Canvas for all of my classes this year. The students will become acclimated with the processes that take place within Canvas. If you or your students needs to contact me please email at: [email protected] .
The Schedule for the 1st Semester goes as follows:
1st Block 8:00 - 9:23 SAT
2nd Block 9:27 - 10:50 IPS
3rd Block 10:54 - 12:17 IPS
4th Block 12:51 - 2:14 Plan(Virtual Office Hours)
5th Block 2:18 - 3:41 OPS