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Welcome to KHS
I am Jay Kuecker and I have been at Kearney High School since 2001.  I am endorsed in Math and Chemistry and currently teach chemistry and physical sciences.  I also am the JV volleyball and am a freshman assistant in girls basketball. 
I will be using our google classroom & Canvas for our online portion of this class. I will post links when I can on this page.  Students will get links in class and these will be posted on our google classroom. 
I am excited to have your student in class or in sports.  Please get in touch with me via email any time you feel the need.   jaykuecker@kearneycats.com 
I will be getting starting using Remind as a way to add to our communication lines, but you can feel free to contact me at any time via my phone, which is listed on my syllabus shown below.
This year my schedule is:
Fall Term:  Block 1, 2 & 3 Chemistry & Block 4 Op. IPS
Spring Term:  Blocks 1-4 Chemistry and Plan Block 5
The syllabus for each class can be found here:  Chemistry  Op. IPS 
Here are links to our Google Classrooms:  Each section has their own class code.
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Jay Kuecker
Science Teacher
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