About SMS

Sunrise is proudly dedicated to providing students a strong academic program in a nurturing and safe environment which emphasizes the guiding principles of respect, responsibility, resourcefulness and safety. The outstanding staff at Sunrise is committed to helping students make a successful transition from elementary school and preparing students for future success at Kearney High School by providing a strong academic program in a safe, caring and structured environment. Teachers at Sunrise utilize varied approaches to deliver participatory, activity-based instruction essential to adolescent growth and developmental learning. Besides the core subject offerings of mathematics, social studies, science, language and reading, Sunrise offers students a variety of exploratory opportunities in music, art, computers, industrial technology, family and consumer science, modern language, physical education and extracurricular activities. Sunrise's rigorous core curriculum and exploratory programs capitalize on the inquisitive nature of young adolescents and allow discovery of aptitudes, talents and interests that will impact the rest of their lives.